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Be fearless in your pursuit of fitness

At Gym 244 we offer a variety of fitness avenues that can cater to the most elite athletes as well as the individuals who are just commencing their fitness journey. Our unique community is what motivates our athletes to incessantly strive to achieve their personal best knowing that they do so in an environment of acceptance and encouragement.

Your first three visits are always free and we are certain you be motivated to join us once you have experienced our captivating, fun, and supportive environment.
We invite you to join us.

Ready to get started on your goals?


Through fitness and community we enable people to be their very best selves.


$150/Month Complete membership
$120/Month Complete Student
$115/Month Military/First Responders/Healthcare Practicioners
$210/Month Complete Family (2 family members)
$100 Partial Membership
$125 Mix and Match Punchcard


Our personal trainers are certified professionals who will educate, motivate and keep you accountable. If you are new to exercise or having trouble staying fit, you need a personal trainer. Our goal is to get you exercising regularly and obtain results you want.

  • Testimonial


    About Drew

    Fitness has taught me more than just providing a set of flashy Abs.  It taught me discipline, determination and commitment.  Why are these important?  Well, all these traits can be carried over into every single one of our personal life's and apply it towards our relationships, careers, school and most importantly...self improvement.  Fitness provides positive outcomes for us all.  Sharing smiles, stories, PR's and personal life accomplishments with my athletes is something I would never give up!
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    Crossfit level 1 instructor

    About Andre

    I would have to say growing up I didn't enjoy watching Disney movies but if I had to pick a character I admired as a young child I pick Arnold Schwarzenegger. I can still remember the first time I watch the movie predator. I was in kindergarten and totally looked up to Arnold from that point on. I played the trumpet for 11 years of my life So picking one song to describe myself is difficult. I enjoy all types of different music and always listening for that next new sound. My choice in music is usually super unique and changes from day to day.
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    About Chris

    Chris is a Tucson native who spent his formidable years running sprints at local Catalina High School. Developing athletes and coaching movement are areas Chris as been active in for the better part of 10 years now. He began his career while still an athlete attending Whittier College in Southern California. While there he aided in the coaching of his fellow sprinters on the Track & Field team. Upon graduation in 2008, Chris acquired an assistant coaching position for the Pomona-Pitzer College sprint team. As well as a coaching position at a strength and conditioning facility located in the Orange County area. He eventually made his way back to Tucson to help run the gym that was to eventually become Gym 244.
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    Crossfit Level 1 Certification

    About Leslie

    After graduating from the University of Arizona in 2008 she earned her Master’s in School Counseling because she enjoyed the idea of guiding young individuals through arduous times. Her exposure to school counseling helped shape her interest in coaching group classes. During the summer of 2012, Leslie received her Level 1 certification in Park City, Utah. Shortly after that, she began shadowing coaches at CrossFit Works until she was finally given the responsibility of teaching the 7 a.m. class. Over time she took over more classes to help fulfill her interest in teaching and coaching.
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    Strong First, Barbell and USA level one certifications

    About Jacqueline

    After graduating from the Desert Institute of the Healing Arts with her massage license in 2007, Jackie was introduced to Kettle Bell training by a good friend. She quickly became hooked and worked hard to receive her Strong First certification in 2011. Then, in 2013, Jackie challenged herself further and became both Barbell and USA level one weightlifting certified. She most enjoys coaching Kettle Bells and using her knowledge of mobility and correctional exercise to better herself and her athletes in training. Jackie's spirit animal is a black cat, her favorite Disney character is Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and in her spare time you can find her freestyle dancing to her personal theme song, "Ambition" by Tupac.