Vanessa “Scoop”

Academic Certifications

  • Graduated at UC Riverside Bachelors degree in Sociology, minored in Education.

Other Certifications

  • CrNational Academy of Sports Medicine for Personal Training
  • USA Weightlifting Certification Level 1
  • Power Athlete Certification

What is your fitness story?

I was always into sports growing up and really fell in love with basketball. My fitness journey really started when I went and played Division 1 basketball at UC Riverside, Go Highlanders! After college, I struggled with my identity without basketball. I would go to corporate fitness centers and just felt lost and a little depressed without being apart of something. I found Gym 244 when I needed it the most. I’ve always been apart of a team my whole life and found an amazing community here at 244. I’ve been apart of it 10+ years now. I am truly grateful for this place. It’s more than a gym to me, it’s family.

What is your favorite movement?

I love the Olympic Lifting movements. The clean and jerks has always been my favorite since college but the snatch has definitely grown on me. There is always something to fix or improve on with oly lifting and it’s very rewarding.

What is your favorite quote?

“I know fear is an obstacle for some people but it’s an illusion for me. Failure always made me try harder the next time.”

~ Michael Jordan

Advice for beginners?

I always tell new members everybody walked through those doors the same way you are starting out and you might feel a little intimidated right now but 6 months from now you are going to see a better, healthier you with a community that wants the very best for you. That same community turns into family.

scoop, one of our trainers, standing in front of a brick wall with street art painted on it