Crossfit level 1 instructor
I enjoy coaching individuals who are new to fitness and helping them achieve any goals they set for themselves. I also enjoy helping anyone who may be struggling or having trouble with a certain lift or movement in the world of fitness and health.
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I would have to say growing up I didn’t enjoy watching Disney movies but if I had to pick a character I admired as a young child I pick Arnold Schwarzenegger. I can still remember the first time I watch the movie predator. I was in kindergarten and totally looked up to Arnold from that point on. I played the trumpet for 11 years of my life So picking one song to describe myself is difficult. I enjoy all types of different music and always listening for that next new sound. My choice in music is usually super unique and changes from day to day.

Facts about Andre -
My first exposure to coaching was with my fellow crew members at the fire department. Shortly after that I started to coach at a local Crossfit gym. Which then led me to the great opportunity of becoming a member of the coaching staff at 244. The fire department sent me to get my Crossfit level 1 instructor in 2008 and I have been coaching and continuing to further my education and experience in physical fitness. I am a lifelong learner and always eager to learn something new whenever given the opportunity.