Kinesiology degree
I love coaching because I get to meet so many great people with such different backgrounds, athletic ability, and skill, and we all get to learn, improve and sweat together. It is such a great way to create a strong community, plus we are all bettering ourselves creating a healthy lifestyle. My favorite type of coaching is focused on biomechanics and movement specifics. I love being able to relate the body system when focusing on a specific movement or skill. My specialty is movement study and mobility.
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I got into coaching after I completed my Kinesiology degree in 2009. I started out Personal Training, but wanted to reach more people, and have more of a community to be a part of so I started coaching group classes in 2010. I love all the aspects of group coaching, and have been fortunate to coach many different types of group exercise.

Facts about Raina -
One of my most favorite things to do ever are go to music festivals. I love dancing all day and all night, drinking beer, (yes, having a festival corn dog) and just living in the moment!