It's a bit tough to pick a favorite movement, but I can say "Box Jumps" is where it's at!  It's an explosive movement that can send you flying.  Having an athlete/client test their box jump, whether they are beginner or advanced is exciting!  Placing a height in front of you that you have never accomplished and trying to get both feet up top is some what of a rush or fear factor for some.  When it is conquered and you're standing up top, the feeling of "Winning" is at its highest peak!  Oh, I almost forgot.... Warm ups are my juice!  HIGH KNEES!!!! Hands down, my spirit animal would be the king of the safari, the lion himself!  You might be thinking that I chose the lion for his alpha image....WRONG!  I see other characteristics that I believe I carry.  Ambitious, driven and attentive.  I can be a leader if called upon and be trusted to carry out a task I am appointed.  I'm not sure if lions crack jokes, but if I was a lion, I'd be the one to break the ice with a knee slapper!  I'll leave you with this.....What do you call a cow with no legs??
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Fitness has taught me more than just providing a set of flashy Abs.  It taught me discipline, determination and commitment.  Why are these important?  Well, all these traits can be carried over into every single one of our personal life’s and apply it towards our relationships, careers, school and most importantly…self improvement.  Fitness provides positive outcomes for us all.  Sharing smiles, stories, PR’s and personal life accomplishments with my athletes is something I would never give up!

Facts about Drew -
My coaching career started in 2012 at CrossFit Works which is now Gym 244.  Coaching and fitness was not on my original check list, but when the opportunity arouse, I jumped on board, fasten my seat belt and took a one way trip to a career full of excitement.